Second Grade

Second Grade is where your child transforms into a curious, independent learner!

 We will ensure your child receives an individualized education based on his/her learning needs. We will implement the Primary Years Programme framework for a transdisciplinary approach to teaching, this means that we will teach all of the subjects together so we can dig deeper into learning. We will encourage students to be inquirers and investigate what interests them. Student will attend spanish class once per week.

 Instruction is differentiated to ensure that all student needs are met so they are able to learn and grow at their own pace.  Small group instruction is instrumental in making this possible. Guided Reading and Guided Math occur daily. Teachers are able to provide individualized instruction in these groups and meet every student at his/her independent learning level.

We will begin each unit with an inquiry based exploration to engage student’s prior knowledge.  Each unit will end with a culminating activity to demonstrate growth and understanding within the unit. Students will end the unit with research, application, and creativity. Technology will be integrated within the curriculum by students.  Students will use technology to create their final projects. Projects will include exploration into history, weather, economics, and life cycles. Students will have the opportunity to observe the life cycle through the hands on experience of hatching chicken eggs and butterflies. 

Field trips are connected to our PYP units. Students will have a chance to travel back in time on a trip to Latta Plantation. Students will have a chance on future field trips to learn about science, social studies, and literacy content.

 We encourage students to inquire, investigate, collaborate and communicate to discover the world around them in order to be life-long learners.

  • Who We Are:  Understanding Others
  • Where We Are in Place and Time:  History and Its Influence
  • How We Express Ourselves:  Culture and Our Appreciation of Others
  • How the World Works:  Weather
  • How We Organize Ourselves:  Economics
  • Sharing the Planet:  Lifecycles and Environment
Second Grade Teachers


Kayleigh Covington

Kari Glenn

Maria Harrison

Darcy Nye

Heather Smith

Tracy Yarborough

Paige Sylvia




Second Grade Supply List