First Grade

This year in first grade we will continue to implement a globally minded, inquiry based approach to teaching our curriculum, and follow the PYP or Primary Years Programme. We promote an inquiry based approach to teaching and the following 3-questions will be  at the heart of our instruction: What do we want to learn? How do we learn best? How will be know what we have learned?

We will hold a Morning Meeting each day to help foster our sense of classroom community as well as develop individual self-awareness. Guided Reading and Guided Math will be conducted daily in order to enrich and/or remediate standards taught.

We will explore Six Units of Inquiry this year.  Each unit has a science and/or social studies focus with Language Arts and Math infused throughout.

The First Grade Units of Inquiry are:

  • Sharing the Planet
  • How the World Works
  • Who We Are
  • How We Express Ourselves
  • Where We Are In Place and Time
  • How We Organize Ourselves

First Grade Teachers

Kerri Layne

Brianne Lewis

Christine Pannenbacker

Christina Ruyle

Kristy Simko

Stephanie Stone

Eleather Weston



First Grade Supply List