Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is an exciting year, as we finalize the elementary school experience and set our sights on middle school and beyond. The focus on academics stretches our student's abilities and encourages them to become more independent in their pursuit of learning. We have six IB Thematic Units that are integrated throughout the curriculum. We also focus on the IB Learner Profiles, as development of the whole child.

We will ensure your child receives an individualized education based on his/her learning needs. We will be implementing the Primary Years Program framework for a transdisciplinary approach to teaching, this means that we will teach all of the subjects together so we can dig deeper into learning. We will encourage students to be inquirers and investigate what interests them. Students will continue to be enriched in Spanish Immersion.

Technology is a valuable tool that we use to enhance our classrooms. In Fifth Grade, we begin to use technology in our yearlong Exhibition Research Project.  Apple iPads are used by students to research topics, complete assignments and assessments, and interact with online resources that provide guided practice and experiences with our academic content.

Science is heavily threaded through our curriculum, as we prepare for state testing in three subject areas: math, reading, and science. We will continue to engage our students with hands-on lab experiences that tie into our STEM classes.