Our Curriculum:

Curriculum:  Coddle Creek  implements the Primary Years Programme of the IB  framework, which is an inquiry-based approach where students become active learners and will enhance their natural curiosity. CCE offers Spanish to all students on a weekly basis for language acquisition and cultural awareness. STEM is also part of our CORE instruction. We have recently added a STEM teacher to provide students with hands on, inquiry-based instruction. We have fully integrated the Common Core State Standards that have been adapted by nearly every state within the United States.  Our teachers are currently developing vertical alignment of the curriculum to ensure that the greatest needs of each student are met.

Our teachers do various assessments of student learning.  The results of these assessments are used to establish students’ academic levels, phonics, reading, math, social studies, and science.  We give a baseline test which is done at the beginning of the school year to gauge individual student academic levels. This baseline sets a foundation for the future of the student and their academic needs for the school year.

All students in grades 3-5 will take the End-Of-Grade tests in Math and Reading.  5th grade also takes a Science EOG.  These are mandated tests given by the state and are one of the determining factors of student placement in the next grade level.  At this time, these tests will be changing due to the new Common Core Curriculum.