Our Partners

Our Partners

We are very proud and thankful for our partners!

Abundant Life Church

Thanks for your support! Community Easter Egg Hunt and Staff moral --goodie basket in Spring.

Discovery Place- Huntersville & Charlotte

All grades K-5 will get to experience science come alive! Discovery Place will come to CCE and CCE students will travel to Discovery Place.

Fairview United Methodist Church

Students will have the opportunity, during and after school, to participate in activities that relate to behavior and life skills. Fairview also provides our Scouting support.  These activities will impact character education and academic performance. Food Book Bags, weekly program, sent home to needy families.

Food Lion Store # 2684

Food Lion provides partnering, mentoring, and assistance support.  They also collect school supplies for our school in our giant red book bag.

Sign Shop in Troutman      The Sign Shop in Troutman will provide discounts on t-shirts and banners.  Support them as they support us!

Summit Place

Students will have the opportunity to interact with the elderly; build social skills and appreciation for people older than their parents.                           

United Soccer Academy

United Soccer Academy is a state of the art training facility designed to accelerate the technical development of youth players between the ages of 3-14 in all aspects of the game.

Our philosophy greatly differs from Recreation and Club Challenge Soccer

Licensed professional coaches provide high quality and high intensity training mimicking the european philosophies and programs of youth soccer player development.

USA partners with local Academies to provide festival style games once per month to evaluate player development skills and implement positive training results.

Festival’s are friendly style tournament games at no additional cost and travel is close or at our home fields.

Sideline etiquette is always the expectation. Example: Positive/Enthusiastic comments can follow after the player makes decisions on ball and not before.  This provides creativity in the player, a low pressure environment and more fun for the participate while maintaining a positive overall experience and achieving excellence.

We are committed to the constructive development of all our players, ultimately producing well rounded athletes

Year round Academy training provided in 8 week on and 2 week off cycles

Come and "see the difference" at our local facility and experience the "Center of Excellence"

Free 1 week trial at any time with no obligation.